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Advisory Services Provided

Today's healthcare landscape is extraordinarily complicated.  But with all great challenges come significant market opportunities.  Understanding how to strategically plan  and effectively operate in unstable terrain is essential knowledge for boards and senior executives.  


Health System Advisory Services Include:

  • Board and Executive leadership support, education and facilitation

  • Clinician and workforce engagement

  • Clinical risk-bearing preparation

  • Quality and Safety measurement and improvement


Health Technology Company Advisory Services include:

  • Market approach to health systems

  • Complex growth management

  • Product evaluation and refinement

  • Return on investment documentation


RAPMD Strategic Advisors is an advisory services company dedicated to supporting Boards, CEOs and senior executives in the healthcare services and health technology sectors.  We are comprised solely of executive leaders with decades of in-industry C-Suite experience. 

Dr. Paulus carefully evaluates all Members prior to their joining the Advisory Network .


RAPMD Strategic Advisors

62 Beadle Lane

Asheville, NC 28803

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